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Bau- & Wertexpertisen
Dipl.-Ing. Nicolas Malsch
real estate evaluation

You want to buy property in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and require a sustainable and above all independent statement about the value and / or the condition of the property:

  •  I am happy to work out a CSR and / or investment expertise that will serve as the basis for purchase and / or remediation decisions.

  • You have acquired a property / flat in Germany, Austria or Switzerland  that must be renovated or modernized:

    - with plesure I will plan and supervise the needed and agreeed upon works according to policies and services of the  "HOAI".

    - As a graduate (civil engineering) of the University FRIDERICIANA, Karlsruhe, I've often planned and monitored for international customers (from Russia and former CIS countries), maintained their homes, evaluated renovation and modernization of these objects, according to "HOAI". Expertise, experience and foresight enable to respect agreed deadlines and costs.

    - Communications are in English, German, French or by translators.

    - My main use is the Baden-Baden region. But objects all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be valued and supported.

    - All services are subject to HOAI 2009

    - I am happy to receive your contact by email. Please inculde the address of the property to be processed, the type of performance desired, your name and phone number in your contact email. I will answer as soon as possible.
With best regards from Baden-Baden

Nicolas Malsch
certified civil engineer of University FRIDERICIANA @ Karlsruhe
76530 Baden-Baden, Germany
Fax: +49 3212 122 77 05 (Fax2Mail-Service)


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real estate evaluation
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